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Straterix Suite

Welcome to the next
generation of

Straterix flagship product is the ultimate scenario-based strategic planning, Enterprise Risk Management and stress testing tool. It consists of Xpand – automated scenario expansion and scenario management, XSG – automated scenario generation, Synthesizer – for future balance sheet/portfolio results, and advanced reporting and analysis tools.

The Straterix revolution obviates the need for guessing the future, attempting to predict particular scenarios. Using Straterix, our clients discover the scenarios that impact their pertinent key performance indicators, gaining  insights that were not previously possible.

Straterix Suite is an incredibly advanced, yet simple to use platform, equipped with powerful, advanced machine learning algorithms. Straterix offers clients the flexibility to use its suggestions or use their own expertise, insights and even analytics.

Straterix Suite

Capital Allocation Optimization

by Product/Client

Asset Liability ManagemeNT

on Single Platform

Dynamic Risk Appetite

Stress Testing


Capital Ratio Calculation

on Multiple Scenarios

IFRS9/CECL Scenarios

Exposing Hidden Risk Concentration

Setting Up Early Warning Signals

Contingency Planning

Recovery and Resolution Planning





One strategic tool to address a broad range of business critical matters.

Be Creative

Use predefined settings or try out your own ideas and quickly see how the resulting scenarios change.

UNIQUE Tail Risk Modelling

Incorporates dynamic correlations and credit rating transitions.

Break Historical Patterns

The human mind is incapable of thinking of unprecedented scenarios. Straterix does.

Speed Matters

Answer ‘what-if’ queries made at senior-levels quickly and fully - on the spot!

Early Warning Signals

Set up early warning signals based on market and macro-variables. Get alerts when it’s time to rethink your strategy. Change course in time, before it becomes prohibitively expensive.

Meaningful Analysis

Auto generation of thousands of scenarios that cover all plausible future outcomes is the foundation for truly meaningful and insightful analysis.

Leave No Stone Unturned

With Straterix your strategic options can be measured on every imaginable future scenario - exposing hidden pockets of risk, that would otherwise be missed.

Reversed Scenario analysis

Review your KPI:s on all imaginable scenarios and discover the specific scenarios that matter. Easily analyze what risk driver behaviours led to these outcomes.