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Our Company

Revolutionizing the
generation, design and
application of scenarios

Straterix is revolutionizing the generation, design and application of scenarios in strategic business planning, capital and liquidity optimization, stress testing and risk management.

We develop cutting-edge solutions, powered by advanced algorithms that are based on machine-learning and data mining techniques.

Our intuitive products address a variety of business challenges, including those that were previously too costly or complex to solve.

We love to hear about the specific challenges that our clients are facing and we are continuously
working to enhance our product offerings based on that feedback.


Our mission is to become the preeminent benchmark in method and application of scenario-driven financial analysis and strategic planning.


Straterix was founded in 2015 by two Wall Street veterans who previously held senior leadership positions
in some of the world’s largest financial institutions.



Founder, CEO

Formerly Managing Director and Global Head of Strategy Advisory at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Nomura Sec.

Strategic advisor on asset / liability and tail risk modelling for banks, insurance companies and pension funds worldwide with 25 years of experience as a quantitative researcher.



Founder, CTO

Formerly Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase, held senior global technology leadership positions.

Over thirty years of IT / SW development experience, specializing in developing enterprise-level, mission-critical technology solutions for financial institutions, focused on risk.

dan galai



Professor Dan Galai is a world renowned academic and an experienced businessman. He co-invented the volatility index (VIX). He has held numerous teaching positions in some of the leading business schools in the world.
Professor Galai is also the founder and chairman of Sigma, an investment firm in Israel, and has co-founded a number of start-up companies. He has published numerous articles and three leading books on finance and risk management.



Aryeh Kontorovich


Professor Aryeh Kontorovich is a leading machine learning scientist at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and has been involved in a number of projects on cyber security, predictive behavior and explainable AI. Professor Kontorovich advises Straterix on several leading-edge topics, such as operational deposits level for banks’ liquidity needs, data driven prediction, hidden implied shocks and early warning signals identification.