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Important note: While Straterix is headquartered in the US, our R&D heart beats in Israel. Amid the ongoing turmoil, we extend our deepest condolences to those who lost their loved-ones, and pray for the safe return of the people taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. Our team is out of harm’s way, and very much focused on promoting stability for our clients.We mourn the senseless loss of life sparked by Hamas, and pray for peaceful times. We stand united with our Israeli team.

Against this backdrop, it’s not easy to discuss other matters. But at a time of transformation, we felt it was important to share with you our fresh perspective on the world of scenario-driven finance.

At a Glance: Straterix is a trailblazer in fintech, boasting an unmatched ability to perform genuine, full-range scenario analysis. Our technology doesn’t just craft thousands of comprehensive, life-like scenarios. It evaluates customer performance against every possible future, highlighting the most critical outcomes. Without exhaustive, reverse stress testing and scenario analysis, risk management and strategic planning don’t just fall short – they can lull stakeholders into dangerous complacency.

Why it Matters: Our SaaS platform transcends all traditional approaches to asset liability management (ALM), stress testing, and strategic asset allocation. Straterix offers quick and easy cloud-based adoption, with no local deployment required. As well as helping financial institutions meet regulatory requirements, our analysis provides insights that have been meticulously crafted by leading industry experts – akin to a curated knowledgebase. In doing so, we enable clients to go deeper, uncovering every potential outcome and highlighting critical scenarios. We arm our clients with foresight and the must-have tools they need to act decisively in unpredictable market conditions.

What to expect from this news letter: While Straterix Insights will keep you abreast of our latest endeavors, announcements, and company updates, we see it as more than just a newsletter. It’s a knowledge hub, reflecting our leadership position in the industry. Delve into thought-provoking analyses, gain insights into prevailing trends, and draw from our collective expertise to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of financial analysis. You’re receiving this first quarterly newsletter because you’re a valued friend of Straterix. If you wish to unsubscribe simply click the unsubscribe button below.

Here’s to successfully navigating challenges and building a more certain tomorrow, together!

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Exciting times ahead! We’re delighted to welcome Andre Horovitz to our advisory team. Andre’s outstanding journey in financial risk management, highlighted by pivotal, senior executive roles at Erste Bank, Credit Suisse, Oliver Wyman, Commerzbank, and HVB Group, not only enriches Straterix but also underscores our forward momentum. With his deep expertise in stress testing and the Basel II framework, we’re better positioned than ever – all the moreso as we eye EU expansion.


On October 13, 2023, Straterix unveiled a major Q3 software update. Our developers have been hard at work reimagining Straterix for an unmatched platform experience. With a suite of newly introduced advanced features and a focus on user-centric enhancements, we’ve incorporated customer feedback to make our platform even more intuitive. Navigate with confidence through our beautiful new user interface – one that will provide clients with a seamless journey from start to finish.

Key features include:

FX Hedging: A robust toolset to efficiently manage and hedge foreign exchange (FX) risks.

Yield Curve: Additional functionality integrated within Fixed Income and Loans in Portfolios and Balance Sheets.

“Populate Mode”: A transformative feature that automates variable inputs, optimizing manual scenario management.

Relationship / Scenarios / Portfolio Query Builder: A newly-polished data export process ensuring precision-tailored outputs.

Credit Union Liquidity Reports: Automated liquidity reporting for Credit Unions to meet all NCUA requirements.

Enhanced Security Protocol: The integration of a reCaptcha mechanism on the “Login” and “Password reset” forms to fortify platform security.

Straterix remains committed to excellence and continuous improvement. Many of these updates are based on direct customer feedback, which remains the cornerstone of future innovation.


Gen AI / LLM at the forefront: Straterix champions artificial intelligence with the imminent launch of Generative AI/LLM capabilities, which are poised to extract illuminating insights from our cutting-edge analysis.

Unraveling data with precision and visualization: The upcoming Contribution Report isn’t just data — it’s insight. We will highlight pivotal outcomes of risk, revenue and capital contributions across portfolios and balance sheets.

Cybersecurity: As cyber threats continue to escalate, we remain committed to fortifying our stance with enhanced 2-factor authentication and more.

Benchmarking Reimagined: Enter Systemic Benchmarking. Beyond just risk insights, its trailblazing industry standards offer a mirror for regulators and clients to measure their standing against their peers. It’s not just about setting benchmarks, it’s about creating them.

Straterix: Forever in the vanguard, shaping the future of financial strategy and risk management.


In today’s rapidly changing landscape, where shocks are the norm, simple prediction just doesn’t cut it. At Straterix, we’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting the tempo. We’ve pioneered the shift from prediction to discovery, recognizing that while we can’t necessarily foresee extreme tail-risk events, we can certainly prepare for them and their ripple effects. Our tools enable unique features such as Exhaustive Reverse Stress Testing and the identification of Early Warning Indicators. They are designed to equip institutions facing unprecedented uncertainty. More than just surviving the challenges of today, our vision is to give our clients an edge by also discovering and harnessing emerging opportunities. To share our vision in greater detail, I’d recommend reading the following three articles recently published by GARP, and which outline the most timely and critical steps that need to be taken:

Balanced Risk Modeling: How to Better Prepare for Shocks – consistent benchmarking of integrated risk across a peer group of financial institutions while identifying the outliers.

Exhaustive Scenario Analysis: What Banks Can Learn From the Airline Industry’s Flight Simulations – implementing exhaustive reverse scenario analysis in minutes.

How to Improve Risk Oversight at Banks: A Three-Step Checklist – early warning identification for proactive mitigation planning.


Great move on the regulatory front! FED to require multiple scenarios as it expands the breadth of bank health exams in 2024.
Multiple scenarios are a must. But they have to be customized!
Straterix has been at the forefront of such multi-scenario approach, with advanced technology that enables banks to discover the full range of plausible risks they face

Thank you for joining us for this edition of Straterix Insights. We remain committed to shedding light on the complexities of financial markets and look forward to speaking with you again soon.

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