Post COVID-19 Scenario Planning lecture

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage globally. Vaccination campaigns have injected some much needed optimism, but they’ve also prompted thoughts to turn to what happens next. This is especially so when it comes to the world of finance and concerns about post COVID-19 risks. 

To that end, our CEO, Alla Gil, recently gave a lecture to Japanese bankers, on the most critical questions facing finance professionals today. Also available with Japanese subtitles (see below), Alla discusses: 

  • How to prepare for unprecedented scenarios. 
  • The practical measures that could have been taken ahead of COVID-19. 
  • In the midst of the pandemic, what can be done now?
  • How to prepare for the next unexpected event?


9.00 Why scenarios?: the evolution of risk management tools

14.40 How to generate and backtest scenarios 

20.28 Applications: how to use scenarios for risk management and strategic planning 

23.40 Use-case for stress testing loans 

28.09 Practical data flow: inputs and sample reports

31.04 Case Study: CRE

33.41 Use-case for retail lending

35.31 Scenarios for CCAR

40.16 “What if”  questions