After a challenging 2022, will this year be any better?

After three years of pandemics, bear markets and war, what on earth could 2023 have in store? Anyone who tells you they know the answer to that question is being economical with the truth. Even something as mundane as high inflation, and its impact, has the potential to trip up today’s professionals, many of whom have no memory of the 1970s and 80s, when prices were last rising this fast. But just because today’s scenarios are unprecedented, or novel, doesn’t mean you can’t be better-prepared for what may or may not be heading your way. Here at Straterix, we stand ready to help our clients, as we have done since 2015.

For example, in December, CEO Alla Gil, spoke at the RiskMinds conference in Barcelona. She discussed how organizations’ risk and finance departments ought to reconsider the factors driving their revenues, and what scenarios they should select for stress testing their capital and liquidity positions. Read more here. And if you prefer to watch rather than read, check out Alla’s interview in the video below:

Liquidity, of course, has very much been in the news for companies in the digital assets space. But the largest impact of market turmoil has been on mainstream corporations and financial institutions which have to keep an extra close eye on their liquidity positions. What are the main challenges, and what are the solutions? This is something Alla discusses in a recent podcast with GARP, entitled: “Future-Proofing Liquidity Risk: The Stagflation Dilemma”. You can listen to it here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Out of the studio, Alla was also busy speaking at the GARP New York chapter meeting, discussing the next frontier in risk management, and why AI – along with human decision-makers – offers the best way to be prepared for all scenarios. You can watch it here.

Whatever 2023 throws at you, we wish you a very happy, healthy and successful year.