XSG | Straterix
Our software is a breakthrough in financial modelling, applying advanced algorithms, machine learning and data mining to measure our clients’ key performance indicators under any future scenario. It enables a new range of financial analyses that were previously impossible.
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by Straterix

XSG is your main
design studio for
automated generation
of multiple scenarios

At the heart of the Straterix paradigm-shifting scenario-analysis platform lies its unique scenario generator.

This robust, advanced tool, boasts features such as dynamic correlations and credit rating transitions, that are unmatched in the market. Using these features, XSG is capable of generating fully developed, risk-aware scenarios, as well as unprecedented scenarios.

Straterix’s XSG is particularly geared to support those institutions that already have their own analytical models and need adequate scenario data.





Incorporates dynamic correlations and credit rating transitions.

Be Creative

Use predefined settings or try out your own ideas and quickly see how the resulting scenarios change.

Break Historical PATTERNS

The human mind is incapable of thinking of unprecedented scenarios. XSG does.

Speed Matters

Answer ‘what-if’ queries made at senior-levels quickly and fully - on the spot!

Meaningful Analysis

Auto generation of thousands of scenarios that cover all plausible future outcomes is the foundation for truly meaningful and insightful analysis.